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Gastrointestinal Care


Patients with gastrointestinal conditions often require special care, which is where In-HomeCare America’s high-tech services come into play. Treating a variety of gastrointestinal conditions from pancreatitis to esophageal and swallowing disorders to failure to thrive in pediatric patients, we offer:


  • G-Tube feeds
  • Colostomy and ileostomy care
  • Total parenteral nutrition
  • Nutritional counseling and instruction in special diets
  • Education and training for patient and caregivers
  • Speech therapy (to aid with difficulties in swallowing)
  • Coordination of medical equipment and supplies
  • Assistance with activities of daily living











How To Get Started

If you are a patient, the first step to beginning home health care with In-HomeCare America is requesting a referral for home healthcare from your physician or hospital discharge planner. Family members of patients who need home health care services may also request a referral.

Medical professionals can refer patients to us by phone, fax or completing the referral form located here. 

Once your referral has been received, In-HomeCare will send a registered nurse or therapist to your home for an assessment and begin the admission process.

Why Home Health Care?


Care in the more comfortable, less costly environment of home.

Care supervised by your own personal physician.

Medicare pays 100% for qualified patients.

Multiple visits spread over weeks or months to ensure recovery proceeds according to plan.

Health and safety strategies taught in the environment in which they will be used --the home itself.

Rehabilitation for stroke and other challenges goes more smoothly when completed in the home.